La Nostra Cucina

Our Cuisine

Vespa's Dough is Keto Friendly, Gluten Friendly, Celiac Friendly, and Organic.

We are a quick-service restaurant that offers fast, health-conscious, tasty, and nutritious meals to the community.

Considered the Ancestor of Pizza "La Pinsa Romana" or Roman flatbread, is:

+ Always Biologica (EU "Organic" standards) 

+ Extremely Low-gluten

+ Low-Carbs Crust

+ Easily Digestible 

+ Incredibly Delicious!

Choose from locally farmed, organic (when possible) fruits and vegetables, imported Italian cheeses, and cured meats to finish.

PS: We have plenty of vegan & vegetarian options!

So get ready to experience our humble traditions of savory decadence and sweet aromas!